How to bridge GPT's Integration Gap

GPTs offer fine-tuning within their environment, but limitations arise when broader system integration is needed for businesses. OneAgent provides an effective solution with its extensive API capabilities, allowing for seamless integration across various platforms including websites, knowledge bases, and product listings. Its adaptability extends to customer support and marketing systems, vital for SaaS and enterprises, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. OneAgent's flexibility ensures it not only adapts to, but also amplifies existing business infrastructures, offering a complete AI solution that aligns with business needs.
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import oneai oneai.api_key = "CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY" pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(steps=[ oneai.skills.Agent(), ]) output ="your_input_here") print(output)
import OneAI from 'oneai'; const oneai = new OneAI({apiKey: 'CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY'}); const pipeline = new oneai.Pipeline( oneai.skills.(), ); const output = await'your_input_here'); console.log(output);
curl -X POST \ '' \ -H 'accept: application/json' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'api-key: CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY' \ -d '{ "input": "your_input_here", "steps": [{ "skill": "Agent" }] }'
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