Research & Technology

OneAI is a platform for creating and managing trusted GPT chatbots that proactively steer users towards defined business goals.
We leverage LLMs as well as proprietary models to deliver business-centric AI, emphasizing precision, transparency, and control.

LLM Steering

  • Anti-hallucination guardrails
  • Goal based flows with dynamic guardrails
  • Dynamic data collection from chat, including contact details, discovery questions, and more
  • Custom vocabulary and contextual behaviors
  • Fact-check & generation validation


  • Ingest & adapt any content to LLM optimized format, including web pages, pdf, and tables
  • Context-aware and access-control based retrieval
  • Rerank content to surface the most relevant information
  • Immediate knowledge availability & updates

API & UI Based access

  • Chatbots creation & management 
  • Knowledge management
  • Access management
  • Goals and A/B testing
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Contextual chat interactions with any API 
  • High-performance & availability

AI Expert Onboarding Session

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