AI Agents for Retail & E-Commerce

Enhance customer and agent experiences and discoverability using AI/GPT-based assistants that rely solely on your up-to-date data—be it product listings, websites, or databases.
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OneAgent, your Retail & E-Commerce AI/GPT-powered assistant, is an innovative partner, shaping bespoke, data-rich shopping experiences aligned with core retail objectives and goals. Self-learning and responding exclusively from your most current content—be it from product listings, promotional materials, online catalogs, or other systems—with built-in fact-checking, OneAgent not only enhances trust but also reinvents the shopping journey.

Optimize Shopping Experience

Guide customers seamlessly through product discovery, ensuring they find exactly what they're looking for.

Drive Promotional Efforts

Keep customers informed about ongoing promotions, special offers, and store events in real-time.

Unveil Customer Preferences

Decode customer inquiries about your products and bridge any information gaps with AI-based language analytics.

Key Benefits for Retail & E-Commerce

Personalized Shopping Journey

Create memorable engagements with Fully Customizable agents, reflecting your brand's voice, leading to increased sales and loyalty.

Content-Aware Product Insights

Customers receive accurate product information, boosting confidence in purchase decisions.

AI-Driven Shopping Analytics

Gain deeper insights into the customer journey with our Language-AI/meaning-based analytics. Identify trending products, discern buyer sentiment, and group inquiries by their intrinsic intent.

Reliable and Swift Responses

Reduce cart abandonment rates. Our Hallucination-free and Fact-checking capabilities ensure accurate product information, reducing purchase hesitations.

Scalable and Flexible

Tackle high-traffic sales events and adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape without breaking a sweat.

Achieve Your Retail KPIs with OneAgent

In-depth Product Analysis

Understand which products or categories customers inquire about most frequently, allowing for stock adjustments and targeted marketing efforts.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Foster repeat customers and reduce return rates by ensuring they make informed purchase decisions.

Minimized Customer Service Interactions

Address common product or store-related questions instantly, freeing up live agents for more complex queries.

Boosted Sales & Reduced Cart Abandonment

By aiding customers in real-time, see an uplift in sales and a drop in abandoned carts.

Extend Benefits Across Departments

  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Stay updated with stock levels, ensuring timely restocking and efficient inventory management.
  • Marketing: Glean insights into which promotions or offers resonate most, shaping future campaigns.

Deployment, Integration, and More

Quick Activation

OneAgent is operational within minutes of connecting to your product listings and materials.

Always Current

It syncs continuously with your inventory and promotions, guaranteeing timely responses.

Global Reach

Its multilingual capabilities cater to international customers with ease.

Custom Models

Shape OneAgent to your exclusive retail needs without additional programming efforts.

Redefine E-Commerce with OneAgent

Embrace an AI that is not merely intelligent and intuitive but also significantly enhances your retail performance metrics.

AI Agents Tailored to Your Business

// Just as every business today has a website, soon each will have its own AI agents.

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