How AcmeVid Used OneAI to Integrate GPT and Drive Viewer Engagement

December 24, 2023
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TL/DR: AcmeVid collaborated with OneAI to incorporate cutting-edge AI features into their video production platform, leading to higher user engagement. By auto-generating questionnaires and quizzes tailored to each video, they not only enhanced interaction but also gained insights into users' comprehension of the content. OneAI customized and optimized AI tools specifically for AcmeVid, enabling them to expedite their AI adoption without the need for an in-house AI team or training data.


AcmeVid sought a partner to provide flexible language and generative AI capabilities tailored to their distinct needs. Their goal was to equip creators with powerful AI tools for extensive video analysis, auto-generating questionnaires and quizzes for each video. This approach aimed to enhance engagement, gain insights into user content comprehension, and aid in creating and optimizing captivating content across various platforms.


Complexity Explained

Incorporating language and generative AI features into AcmeVid's platform entailed multiple complexities. These challenges included ensuring questions corresponded to the original video while preventing hallucinations, analyzing lengthy videos up to 4 hours long, managing various languages and dialects, and offering structured outputs for easy integration by AcmeVid's development team.


OneAI delivered a comprehensive solution to AcmeVid, merging GPT with OneAI features through a unified Pipeline API gateway:

  • Whisper+ transcription
  • Video highlights extraction
  • AI-driven prompt refinement and enhancement
  • GPT-generated questionnaires and quizzes
  • Extensive language analysis for business insights on content produced by creators and open-ended user responses


After partnering with OneAI, AcmeVid successfully tackled the challenges they faced in incorporating language and generative AI capabilities into their platform. As a result, AcmeVid achieved their goal of providing creators with auto-generated questionnaires and quizzes for each video, along with extensive analysis of users' comprehension. This approach not only boosted user engagement but also offered valuable insights into user content understanding. Consequently, this assisted creators in crafting and optimizing captivating content across various platforms.

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About AcmeVid

AcmeVid is a dynamic video creation platform that equips content creators with innovative tools to produce and optimize captivating content across various platforms. With an intuitive interface and powerful suite of editing, AI-driven analytics, and optimization features, AcmeVid caters to creators of all skill levels. Committed to continuous improvement and staying ahead of industry trends, AcmeVid fosters a thriving global community of creators, making it the top choice for content production worldwide.

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  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Comprehension of user behavior
  • Tuned for AcmeVid's requirements in 2 weeks 
  • Achieved without an in-house AI team at AcmeVid

"OneAI provided tailored AI capabilities that efficiently generated quizzes, enhancing user engagement and comprehension. Highly recommend for expedited AI adoption and customized solutions."