AI Agents for Field Technicians

Your Field Technician's trusted companion: Boost First-Time Fix Rates and optimize Parts Usage with OneAgent, an AI/GPT-powered bot that uses your latest technical content with integrated fact-checking.
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OneAgent delivers real-time, data-rich support tailored to the unique challenges faced by technicians in the field. Drawing exclusively from your most up-to-date content—whether from technical manuals, troubleshooting guides, equipment databases, or other relevant resources—and enhanced with integrated fact-checking, OneAgent provides accurate and timely assistance, optimizing on-site operations.

  • Empower Your Technicians: Equip your field teams with the critical information they need, streamlining diagnostics and repairs.
  • Boost On-Site Efficiency: Amplify the technician's knowledge base, reducing downtime and ensuring successful task completion.
  • In-depth Technical Queries: Understand the common challenges. Analyze technicians' inquiries to continually refine training and documentation.

Key Benefits for Field Technicians

On-Demand Technical Insight

Provide technicians with Fully Customizable agents, mirroring your organization's technical standards and leading to quicker, more accurate on-site decisions.

Rapid Access to Vital Data

With our Content-Aware technology, technicians receive precise details from varied resources, enabling faster problem resolution.

AI-Driven Diagnostic Analytics

Gain deep insights into your technician interactions with our Language-AI/meaning-based analytics. Identify trending issues, detect equipment anomalies, and categorize messages by their inherent significance, allowing a comprehensive view of field operations and potential areas for improvement.

Precise and Timely Assistance

Reduce callbacks and follow-up visits. Our Hallucination-free and Fact-checking features guarantee exact solutions, minimizing repeated trips and maximizing first-time fix rates.

Secure, Robust, and Flexible

Prioritize data security, effortlessly scale, and adjust to the evolving and complex needs of field technician operations.

Optimizing Field Technician KPIs with OneAgent

OneAgent acts as an indispensable tool in elevating the performance metrics of field technicians:

First-Time Fix Rate (FTFR)

By offering immediate access to a wealth of troubleshooting information, OneAgent ensures technicians are equipped with the right knowledge, enhancing their chances of resolving issues during the initial visit.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

OneAgent's swift retrieval of relevant solutions reduces diagnostic time, thereby expediting the repair process and trimming down MTTR.

Jobs Completed per Day

With OneAgent's instant support, technicians spend less time per task, enabling them to tackle more jobs in a single day.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

Timely and accurate fixes, facilitated by OneAgent, directly contribute to improved customer experiences, boosting satisfaction scores.

Parts Usage

OneAgent aids technicians in quickly identifying the correct parts required for a task, streamlining inventory management and ensuring efficient part utilization.

Training and Certification Levels

Through continuous learning modules powered by OneAgent, technicians can stay updated, enhancing their skill sets and working towards advanced certifications.

Unlock the Power of Technical Content

Deliver the information technicians need precisely when they need it. Ease the demand on support teams overwhelmed with queries.

AI Agents Tailored to Your Business

// Just as every business today has a website, soon each will have its own AI agents.

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