Identify real world numbers within text (dates, time frames, etc.)

The Number Detection Skill finds and labels time frames, measurements, monetary values, etc. within a given text. The results can help to generate action items or gain insights from data.




Detect numbers in text by performing a POST request to the following URL: { "input": "your input text here", "steps": [{ "skill": "numbers" }] }


Returns a list of detected numbers, dates and times in standardized formats

Supported Labels

  • DATE- Absolute or relative dates or periods.
  • TIME- Times smaller than a day.
  • MONEY- Monetary values, including unit.
  • QUANTITY- Measurements, such as weight or distance.
  • ORDINAL- Position in a list - “first”, “second”, etc.
  • CARDINAL- Numerals that do not fall under another type.