Identify real world objects within text (people, organizations, names, etc.)

The Name Detection Skill finds and labels people, organizations, languages, events, etc. within a given text. The results can help to generate action items or analyze a large amount of data to determine which of these objects show up frequently.




Detect named entities by performing a POST request to the following URL: { "input": "your input text here", "steps": [{ "skill": "names" }] }


Returns a list of detected names

Supported Labels

  • PERSON- People, including fictional characters.
  • NORP- Nationalities or religious or political groups.
  • FAC- Companies, agencies, institutions, etc.
  • GPE- Countries, cities, states.
  • LOC- Non-GPE locations, mountain ranges, lakes
  • PRODUCT- Objects, vehicles, foods, etc. (Not services)
  • EVENT- Hurricanes, battles, sports events, etc.
  • WORK_OF_ART- Titles of books, songs, etc.
  • LAW- Named documents made into laws.
  • LANGUAGE- Any named language.