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Zendesk and OneAgent: Finding the Right Mix of Customer Support Tools for Your Business

John M. Eastman
John M. Eastman
Jun 18, 2024
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A few months ago, I had an unforgettable experience at a small, family-owned restaurant. From the moment I walked in, the staff anticipated my needs, offering personalized recommendations and ensuring every detail of my meal was perfect. This level of exceptional attention and proactive service left a lasting impression on me. It’s this kind of bespoke customer service that businesses strive to replicate in the digital world through advanced customer support tools. The challenge lies in choosing the right tool that not only provides personalized service but also scales with your growing needs.

This brings us to the comparison between OneAgent and Zendesk. These two platforms offer unique strengths designed to enhance how businesses interact with their customers. OneAgent leverages cutting-edge AI to deliver tailored, real-time responses based on the latest content. On the other hand, Zendesk is renowned for its comprehensive suite of tools that integrate seamlessly into various business operations, providing robust solutions for support teams.We compare OneAgent and Zendesk to help you navigate the nuances of these powerful platforms. By examining their features, pricing, and ideal use cases, this guide will illuminate which tool best aligns with your business goals and customer support strategy.


Zendesk and OneAgent: A Brief Overview

Both OneAgent and Zendesk offer powerful features designed to enhance customer support, including AI-driven responses and robust analytics. However, to make a fair comparison, it’s important to focus on their AI agents, as this is where both platforms shine. While Zendesk provides a comprehensive suite of customer support tools, including multi-channel ticket management, OneAgent specializes in creating private GPT agents for conversational interfaces. OneAgent excels in providing open-ended, trusted conversations and steering users towards your business goals.

In the table below, let's see a quick comparison of the overlapping features of their AI agents:

Name of the feature OneAgent Zendesk
AI Agents General Available in all packages, AI Agents are capable of question answering, lead generation and qualification, customer support, and user onboarding. Equipped with a built-in fact-check option, they allow you to trace back answers to the initial source for full transparency. Available for Zendesk service plans and on a trial basis. Customizable to handle complex situations, trained on your knowledge base, match your brand, adaptable and easy to set up, provide custom analytics.
Growth Convert your website into a growth-propelling conversational platform Enhances customer engagement and satisfaction to drive growth
Engagement Experience Trusted, intuitive, open-ended conversation Structured interactions with predefined flows.
Knowledge base AI Agents digest your knowledge in any format from website links to PDFs and docs with no size limits. They can also utilize external knowledge to a controllable extent. AI Agents have access to your FAQs, articles and other support content. Also they can reach out to community forums and search for external content. Currently they don't support direct website uploads.
Customization Fully configurable to meet the brand’s voice, create conversation flows and custom responses to meet your business objectives. Highly customizable, allowing you to choose the agent's identity, avatar, language settings, personality, and conversation flows.
Integrations Integrates with web builders such as WordPress, Webflow, Wix, and more, or embeds with a "script" tag in the "head" section of your HTML. API integration available. 1,200+ integrations with various systems and CRMs.
Analytics Voice of the Customer: All interactions are anonymized and recorded in the agent logs section of the Conversation Analytics, for full transparency and confidence in the accuracy of your agent’s replies. Zendesk Explore: reporting and analytics software gives an instant access to customer insights.
Ease of Use Very straightforward and easy to use, simply upload your knowledge in any format and enjoy your AI Agent. Provides a comprehensive interface but might need to spend time reading Zendesk help to start working with functionality.
Pricing AI Agents are available starting from a Free package. Start plan is at $99 and contact sales for a Professional suit. AI Agents are available at Service plans: price ranges from $55 to $115 plus contact sales for the Enterprise plan. Free trial available for 14 days.

Detailed Key Feature Comparison

In this section, let's look closely at each of the features mentioned in the table above to get a better understanding of how Zendesk and OneAI AI Agents work.

AI Agents overview 

AI Agents by Zendesk

Zendesk AI agents are designed to be next-generation customer support bots, leveraging Generative AI (powered by OneAI) and proprietary intent models to resolve customer issues from start to finish. They come pre-trained with industry-specific intents, enabling them to understand customer needs from the outset. To get started, you simply connect the AI agent to your trusted knowledge base, and while this can be sufficient, further customization is recommended. By building precise conversational flows, you can achieve an ideal balance between automation and personalization, allowing the AI agents to handle tasks such as returns, exchanges, and cancellations without human intervention.

OneAgent by OneAI

OneAgent transforms your website into a growth-driven conversational platform using AI/GPT technology. This context-aware chatbot improves SEO conversion by bridging the knowledge gap for users landing on SEO pages and guides prospects from initial contact to deep engagement. It handles tasks such as onboarding and qualifying leads, customer support, and more. To set up, connect your chatbot with your knowledge base, whether it be HTML, documents, videos, help centers, etc. You can also control the extent to which the agent uses external knowledge. Customization options include setting a persona, tone of voice, theme, logo, goals, and creating conversation flows for a tailored approach. Once set up, you can monitor the Analytics panel to gain insights and improve business outcomes.


OneAgent is a Growth-Driving Conversational AI Platform. It empowers website owners to turn their website into a proactive GPT agent, boosting engagement and sales. By improving SEO conversions and guiding prospects from initial contact to deep engagement, OneAgent helps drive business growth through enhanced lead generation and customer support. This proactive approach ensures that visitors are not only engaged but are also more likely to convert into customers, thereby driving sales and growth.

Zendesk enhances customer engagement and satisfaction, which in turn drives business growth. Its comprehensive support system ensures that customers receive timely and effective assistance, improving their overall experience and fostering loyalty. By maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and streamlined support operations, Zendesk contributes to sustained business growth.

Engagement Experience

OneAgent provides a highly engaging conversational experience by facilitating trusted, intuitive, and open-ended interactions. The AI agent can seamlessly handle a wide range of queries, making the conversation feel natural and personalized. This adaptability ensures that users receive relevant and accurate information, building trust and enhancing overall engagement. The ability to integrate various knowledge sources, such as websites, documents, videos, and help centers, allows OneAgent to provide comprehensive and context-aware responses. This leads to deeper user engagement as the AI can guide prospects from initial contact to deeper interactions, thereby driving conversions and customer satisfaction.

Zendesk focuses on providing structured and consistent conversational flows that ensure reliable and efficient customer support. The AI agents are pre-trained with industry-specific intents, which helps them understand and address common customer issues effectively. While the interactions are more predefined compared to OneAgent, this structure ensures that users receive accurate and consistent responses, enhancing their trust in the system. The use of automated knowledge content, such as suggested responses and document summaries, further enriches the engagement experience. Zendesk’s comprehensive support resources and customizable conversation flows enable businesses to tailor interactions to meet specific customer needs, fostering a high level of engagement and satisfaction.

Creation process

Overall, the creation process for both Zendesk and OneAgent AI agents is straightforward: connect to your knowledge base, customize the agent, and monitor the analytics. However, there are some differences. 

Zendesk, being a complex platform, requires integration within your current system, which may involve more steps and guidance. On the other hand, creating OneAgent involves fewer steps and generally requires less tutorial reading, making it more user-friendly for quick deployment. Let's dive into the stages of knowledge connection, customization, analytics, and integrations.

Knowledge connection

To start with a Zendesk AI Agent, connect it to your knowledge base, which includes structured content like articles, FAQs, manuals, and guides. These need to be manually created and organized. Unstructured content, such as customer emails and chat transcripts,which appears in its raw form, also needs to be organized and analyzed. Additionally, Zendesk uses AI to generate automated knowledge content, such as suggested responses to common queries, summaries of lengthy documents, and recommendations for improving existing content based on user engagement.

OneAgent transforms your GPT Agent into an expert in your specific field by digesting all relevant content, without format limits. This can include websites, documents, help centers, videos, PDFs, and more. The process is fully automated and straightforward: once you are in your Agent Studio, you simply press the "Add Knowledge" button and proceed to the customization process. This setup ensures that your knowledge is ready to use by your GPT chatbot. Additionally, you can control the extent to which the agent utilizes external world knowledge, allowing for a balanced approach to customer interactions.



Customization of Zendesk's AI Agents includes both visual customization and the creation of custom conversation flows and training. For the look and feel, you can set the avatar, change colors to match your brand, add descriptions, position the agent/widget on the page, and enable sound notifications.

For training and conversation flows, there are situations where generative AI needs the help of customized step-by-step flow creation. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can add specific actions and scenarios, allowing for more control over how AI agents engage with customers. This approach helps tailor the AI's responses and behaviors to fit specific customer service needs.

Add Response window
Agent General Settings

OneAgent's customization also includes both visual and conversational flow customization or chatbot training. For visual customization, you can set the avatar, change colors, set the tone of voice, create a welcome message, position the widget, and add a profile description and identity that impacts the behavior of the chatbot.

In the training section, you can continually add more knowledge through a simple interface window and specify answers you want your chatbot to provide. This allows you to fine-tune the chatbot's responses and ensure it aligns perfectly with your customer service strategy.


Zendesk Explore is designed to help you analyze, understand, and share your business information. It allows you to easily monitor and track KPIs for your AI agents, take actionable steps to enhance automation rates, and boost AI agent performance by identifying and addressing common topics where the AI struggles. You can review resolved and unresolved interactions between the end-user and the AI agent to pinpoint conversations that might need human intervention. This helps ensure that your AI agents are continuously improving and providing the best customer service.

OneAgent's Analytics panel provides comprehensive insights with its Voice of the Customer (VoC) feature, helping you learn what users are discussing. This identifies trending topics and their impact on conversion and satisfaction rates. The dashboard helps optimize your agent and content, converting challenges into opportunities. Engagement analysis graphs show which pages generate the most interest and drive conversions. The leads report identifies effective discussion topics for generating high-quality leads, enabling you to adjust your agent accordingly. Additionally, the Agent log helps you better understand your audience and evaluate your Agent's performance.

Ease of Use

Zendesk is known for its intuitive interface and comprehensive support resources. Key aspects include:

  • Onboarding and Setup: Guided tutorials and setup ensure even non-technical users can integrate the system smoothly.
  • Navigation and Interface: A clean, organized interface with a drag-and-drop feature for creating conversation flows.
  • Customization Options: Easy customization of AI agents' look and feel, including avatars and color schemes.
  • Support Resources: Extensive help center, community forums, and direct customer support.

OneAgent emphasizes simplicity and quick deployment. Key features include:

  • Quick Deployment: Fewer steps and minimal tutorial reading required for setup.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly with clear instructions and simple navigation.
  • Customization and Training: Easy-to-use customization options for persona, tone, and visual elements.
  • Analytics Accessibility: Clear, easy-to-understand metrics and visual insights for optimizing AI agents.

Zendesk vs. OneAgent: Which is best for you?

Choosing between Zendesk and OneAgent depends on your specific business needs and priorities. Both platforms offer robust AI-driven customer support solutions, but they cater to different use cases and organizational sizes. Here's a brief guide to help you decide which might be the best fit for your business.

Zendesk: Best for Comprehensive Support Solutions

Complex Needs and Large Teams: Zendesk excels in providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed for large organizations with complex customer support needs. Its extensive customization options and integrations make it ideal for businesses that require a robust, multi-channel support system.

Advanced Reporting: With Zendesk Explore, businesses can gain deep insights into their support operations, making data-driven decisions to improve customer service.

Pre-Trained AI: Zendesk's AI agents come pre-trained with industry-specific intents, reducing the time needed to get them up and running effectively.

Integration Within Existing Systems: If your organization already uses Zendesk's suite of products, integrating their AI agents into your existing systems will be seamless and efficient.

OneAgent: Best for Steering Users Towards Your Business Goals

OneAI is a platform for creating and managing trusted GPT chatbots that proactively steer users towards defined business goals. 

SEO and Lead Generation: OneAgent not only enhances customer support but also improves SEO conversion by addressing user queries effectively and guiding prospects from initial contact to deep engagement. Its ability to qualify leads and support onboarding processes makes it a powerful tool for growth.

Automated Knowledge Integration: With OneAgent, integrating various forms of knowledge—such as websites, documents, and videos—is fully automated, ensuring the AI agent can access and utilize a wide range of information without manual effort. The agent automatically updates along with your knowledge base updates, ensuring it always has the most current information. Additionally, the fact-check option allows users to trace back the source of the AI's answers, providing transparency and building trust.

Ease of Use: OneAgent stands out for its simplicity and quick deployment. The setup process involves fewer steps, making it accessible even for businesses with limited technical expertise.

Flexibility and Customization: OneAgent offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the AI agent's persona, tone of voice, and behavior to align with their brand.


If you want to drive users towards your business goals while fostering trust and providing them with an intuitive way to communicate, OneAgent by OneAI may be the ideal choice. Its highly customizable, easy-to-deploy AI solution enhances both customer support and lead generation. Its user-friendly setup and robust customization options make it particularly suitable for businesses looking to quickly implement a powerful conversational platform.

However, if your organization needs a more comprehensive support system with advanced analytics, multi-channel capabilities, and seamless integration with existing tools, Zendesk's AI agents are a strong contender. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific requirements and goals for customer support and business growth.

For most businesses, the best approach is to combine the solutions—letting users converse with their OneAI-powered agent and using Zendesk as the CRM.

Drive Users Towards Your Business Goals With OneAI

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