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OneAgent: Geeking out with AI & The Marvel

A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a OneAgent for 'The Marvels 2023’

Oct 4, 2023
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In the anticipatory hum leading up to a new release from the Marvel cinematic universe, fans like myself are swirling with questions. How does 'The Marvels 2023' align with other Marvel movies in terms of its timeline? Is it a sequel, a prequel, or something else? Which superheroes will grace the screen this time? Our quest for answers often sends us spiraling down the digital rabbit hole, sifting through endless articles, fan theories, and social media threads, which, let's be honest, can sometimes feel like trying to navigate through the Quantum Realm without a Pym Particle in sight. Wouldn't it be simply marvelous to have a singular tool that sifts through the cosmic chaos to deliver us the exact answers we seek? Enter stage right: OneAgent by OneAI, an AI agent tool that promises to untangle the web of myriad information, offering you the precise insights you desire, without the need for a multiverse of browser tabs. Stay tuned as we walk you through a step-by-step creation process of 'Agent Marvel', our tailored agent, further along in our exploration.


OneAgent: the What and the How

OneAgent is a tool, crafted meticulously by OneAI, a platform renowned for specializing in delivering Generative AI services tailored for various business and development scenarios. Encompassing capabilities to process and analyze a diverse range of data formats, including text, audio, video, and PDFs, OneAI has distilled its expertise into OneAgent.

Consider OneAgent as your very own expert-in-residence: it consumes extensive amounts of data from numerous sources, internalizes it, and stands ready to engage in articulate, insightful dialogue, offering precise answers to your queries. This tool doesn’t just spit out data; it converses, comprehending the nuances of your questions and responding with relevant, pinpointed information. It’s like having a dialogue with an encyclopedia that comprehends your inquiries and responds not with data dumps, but with succinct, clear answers, enabling a smooth flow of understanding from complex data to actionable insight.

In addition to its profound knowledge base, OneAgent stands out for its transparency, customizability, and adaptability. Every answer it provides can be traced back to the original source document, instilling confidence and reliability in its interactions. Plus, its adaptability allows it to mold to your specific needs and evolve alongside your data, continuing to offer dependable and precise insights throughout your informational journey. 

Tutorial: Creating a Marvel-Savvy AI Agent

Navigating the robust capabilities of OneAgent doesn't require a tech wizard, nor does it summon the complexities often encountered in digital tool navigation. Perhaps, the most taxing dilemma you'll face during this journey might just be deciding on a name for your Agent. But worry not, for even superheroes sometimes struggle with secret identities, right?

Let's delve into the journey of setting up our Agent Marvel.

Step 1: Connect Content

We start off by simply linking the varied content sources to OneAgent. First, let’s give it the name “Agent Marvel”,of course. Then choose a tone of voice (we're opting for friendly!) and press “Create Agent”. 

Creating an Agent

A new popup window appears, asking us to provide a link to the content it will learn from. Dropping in a link to a Wiki article for a start, check to crawl within a domain, and hit “create.”

Adding links to the Agent

Step 2: Let's Chat

Believe it or not, you can begin conversing with your Agent right away! But as any good conversationalist knows, the more information you have, the better the chat. So, feel free to fortify your agent's knowledge by clicking "Add Documents" whenever you find more interesting tidbits about “The Marvels.” I will, of course, use this opportunity and add more articles. 

Add Documents to the Agent

A Quick Q&A

Let’s test our new sidekick, shall we? 

Let’s start with the question: “Who are the main characters in "The Marvels?”

And check out the “Fact check” button which lets you trace the source of the answer and be sure it’s concise and clear. 

Ok, the next question will be: “What are the superpowers of Carol Danvers?”

Wow, who would want to have some superhuman strength or at least flight power to avoid traffic, right? 🙂

Another great question is: “What movies should we watch before 'The Marvels' to be prepared for its universe-spanning narrative?”

Oh, well, it’s a fair bit of cinematic homework, but hey, we need to prepare! Those three films aren't going to watch themselves, and armed with the insights from OneAgent, each viewing becomes not just entertainment but a step closer to being the Marvel maestro amongst our friends.

In a Marvelous Conclusion

Well, that was both enlightening and breezy! With just a few clicks, we've secured a companion ready to spill all the secrets about a movie that's yet to grace the big screen. As we’ve witnessed, OneAgent is not merely an information warehouse. Imagine it as a well-informed friend, always ready to demystify the complex or elaborate on the unknown, anytime you need. Whether you’re gearing up to astonish friends with the freshest, yet-to-be-released snippets about the movie, or crafting a comprehensive database for your academic pursuits, OneAgent is here, prepared to support in spectacular fashion. 

Build Your Agent Now!


Solely based on your most up-to-date content – websites, PDFs, or internal systems – with built-in fact-checking for enhanced trust.

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