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Navigating the AI Revolution: A Strategic Guide for Business Owners Post-Google I/O 2024

Meeting customer expectations in the era of Google Gemini

John M. Eastman
John M. Eastman
Apr 30, 2024
3 min read
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Google I/O 2024 is rumored to unveil the integration of their generative AI model Gemini into every Android device and most Google services. This is big—changing how customers interact with technology and redefining their expectations. 

Google Gemini could dominate the AI conversation, focusing on Google’s goals. Your business? It needs its own voice. Here’s how and why.

Own Your Voice

Your AI should sound like you, not Google. Tailor it to speak your brand’s language, ensuring it aligns with your goals and enhances your customer interactions.

Customize the Experience

Google’s Gemini is broad. Your AI should be specific, offering the exact context and experiences your customers need. Make every interaction personal and relevant.

Leverage Your Data

When you use your own AI, your data stays yours. This lets you make smarter business moves without giving away competitive insights.

Stand Out

In a sea of choices, your unique AI can be a beacon. Show customers something new and tailored just for them.


Post-Google I/O 2024, having your own AI isn’t just nice—it’s necessary. It’s the best way to keep up with tech changes and stay relevant to your customers.


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