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The Inspiration Behind the Agent: Discovering Kurzgesagt

How I Made Kurzgesagt Videos Converse

Olga Miroshnyk
Olga Miroshnyk
Feb 13, 2024
3 min read

My journey began the moment I stumbled upon a Kurzgesagt video. What grabbed me wasn't just the eye-popping colors and animations, but the real magic was in the stories they told. Here were these deep, complex ideas about science and the universe, all laid out in a way that was super inviting. It felt like each video was a little adventure on its own, perfectly put together, making the vast and complicated seem totally approachable and downright fascinating.


Why Kurzgesagt?

Kurzgesagt really knows how to unravel the complex knots of science and the universe, turning them into clear, captivating stories. It's not just about simplifying; it's about enlightening us with the truth, piece by piece, without losing the essence. Their dedication to getting the facts straight, paired with a storytelling style that lights up your curiosity, truly sets their content apart. Watching them tackle everything from the vastness of astrophysics to the delicate details of biology was an eye-opener. They have this knack for making the mysteries of our universe not just understandable, but utterly compelling, reaching out and grabbing the attention of folks from all walks of life.

The Decision to Create an Agent

The spark for creating a Kurzgesagt GPT Agent hit me while pondering over a cup of coffee, marveling at how their videos turn brain-busting topics into captivating tales. And I got to thinking, "What if these videos could not only talk back but explain things and engage in real conversations?"  So, the vision was to craft a space where users aren't just passive viewers but active participants, diving deep into discussions, and all in the unmistakable Kurzgesagt tone. Imagine a bridge built not just of bits and bytes but of curiosity and knowledge, connecting eager minds directly with the universe of Kurzgesagt. This wasn't about just pushing information but creating an interactive, personal journey through science, with a dash of humor to keep things light.

That's when the wheels really started turning. I went ahead and fed all the info from Kurzgesagt's YouTube channel into the Agent, making it super savvy at digging up answers quickly. Now, anyone can find the video they remember with just a phrase, get clarification on things that didn't quite click the first time, or stumble upon entirely new topics of interest. It's like having a chat with your smartest friend who happens to know all about the universe.

After implementing the Kurzgesagt Agent and analyzing Voice of the Customer statistics, it was evident that users were enthusiastically engaging with the Agent, posing a variety of questions. It not only highlighted the most asked questions but also linked these queries to the most viewed Kurzgesagt videos, thereby mapping out content popularity. The Voice of the Customer statistics screenshot below reveals an impressive level of engagement with topics related to the cosmos, highlighting a widespread fascination with space and astronomical phenomena.

VoC statistics showing interactions with the Agent

For instance, when users inquired "Can humans live on Mars?”, the Agent provided succinct answers accompanied by direct links to source videos, as illustrated in the provided screenshot below:

So, by clicking on the highlighted phrase “Terraforming Mars” we can follow the link and watch this fascinating video. 

As the Kurzgesagt Agent started changing how users engaged with content, it made me think about the wider world of AI. That's when I decided to see how GPT-4, known for its vast knowledge and language skills, would handle the same question: "Can humans live on Mars? Give me information from Kurzgesagt." Despite GPT-4's broad abilities, it couldn't provide an answer directly from Kurzgesagt, showcasing the tailored experience our Agent offers. Below is the screen showing this attempt:

Considering the evolving expectations around AI, it becomes evident that there's a universal demand for precise, engaging, and reliable interactions. The success of the Kurzgesagt Agent underscores a preference for dialogues that are not only informative but also human-like, pointing towards a future where AI enhances every facet of life, from business to education. This trend reflects a broader move towards AI solutions that prioritize accuracy, personalization, and user engagement, as demonstrated by platforms like OneAI, which are at the forefront of this shift, ensuring that conversations are both meaningful and based on trusted content.

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