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Make Your Chatbot Smarter: How to Add Text Info to Agents Responses

Apr 3, 2024
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Looking to broaden your chatbot's knowledge base? Dive into this straightforward guide to enrich your chatbot with significant answers. The more your chatbot knows, the more reasons customers have to stay engaged. Time to equip your chatbot with the crucial information it needs.

If you are not looking to add specific information but to dictate the response exactly go to: Creating Custom Responses for your agent

Step 1: Head to the studio and select the agent you wish to update from the panel on the left.

Step 2: Navigate to the Knowledge tab and hit the "Add new document" button.

Step 3: Opt for the text option and enter the information you want your agent to learn. Use the title field for the question your document addresses, and place the relevant information in the body section.

Link It Up

Got more to say than what fits in an answer? Add links. Just write it markdown style, like this: The best pie flavor is (Apple!)[]

Chatbot Level Up: Now With More Brains

Loading your chatbot with detailed answers doesn't just make it talk; it makes it communicate. It’s like turning your chatbot from a repeating parrot into a know-it-all friend. Upgrade your chatbot today and watch it become the conversation starter you always wanted on your website.


Solely based on your most up-to-date content – websites, PDFs, or internal systems – with built-in fact-checking for enhanced trust.

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