ChatGPT Made it Possible.
We Make it Practical.

// Slim, task-oriented Generative AI,
designed exactly for your business needs.

ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI. It was trained on a massive dataset, commonly referred to as “the whole internet”, and has a remarkable ability to converse and provide responses in a human-like manner.
Everyone seems to love the way ChatGPT communicates, and appreciate its ability to answer questions, provide helpful information, and assist in a variety of tasks. While millions of consumers are blown away, businesses have additional challenges and considerations when integrating generative AI into their products and services. Some of the concerns that businesses may encounter are:

Meet CutGPT

GPT is a huge model and performing your task probably needs a tiny fraction of it.
CutGPT is a slim and task-oriented generative AI model that can be easily customized to fit your exact business needs, and only them. And you can have it ready in days. 
Tuned with your data, CutGPT delivers predictable and structured output that’s tailored to your requirements. Its architecture and size allow it to perform with fast response times and at a scale-friendly cost.
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Business Tuned
Tuned for Your Business Use-Cases
Fast TTM, low TCO
Fast TTM,
Consistent and Predictable Output
No bias
Prevent Biased or Harmful Content
Data Privacy
100% Control Over Your Data & Privacy

Get Your CutGPT

How it Works?

  1. Share a small dataset of your input & desired output (you’re also welcome to share the prompt you used too, but it’s not a must)
  2. Get your customized CutGPT API, and use it by itself or combine with other Language Skills in a pipeline
  3. Go live and keep optimizing as you go