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How I fired and rehired my PPC agency thanks to the new AI-powered Bing

Yochai Levi
Yochai Levi
Mar 8, 2023
3 min read

A couple of days ago I got early access to the new AI-powered Bing. As we launched our improved text-to-speech offering just a day before, I thought it may be a good idea to ask Bing to help me build a campaign for it. Without giving it too much thought, I used a simple prompt and the answer amazed me:

Wow - that was more than I expected, so I followed up with this -

I was eager to see the result (and almost ready to fire my lovely PPC agency...), but couldn’t log into the campaign - so I went ahead and asked -

At this point I was somewhere between curious and extremely suspicious, so I tried this:

Now things became pretty clear, as I couldn’t remember ever opening such an email address…

So we learned two things -

  1. Large language models can write amazingly
  2. They can also hallucinate quite a bit - Bing’s model (GPT-based), just learned how to answer such questions, and it did beautifully, but unfortunately without performing any of the real work I needed

Beyond the funny anecdote, the real story here is the power, and the limitations, of this amazing new technology.

Stay tuned to my next post - How I fired and re-hired my PPC agency thanks to David Copperfield ;-)